to Launch Omega 1, an Action Comic Webseries on January 20, 2013 During an XBOX Halo 4 Tournament at the Microsoft Store in Century City, California

“The Omega 1 webseries follows sexy heroine Omega 1, who transports super secret information encoded into her body in the year 2017 after the world was ravaged by World War III, a war of information, The Hacker War. Relying on her trained assassin skills, Omega 1 keeps terrorist hacker groups, government agencies, and corporate mercenaries at bay with a Sci-Fi Bourne Ultimatum flair,” stated Mark Edward Lewis, co-creator of the webseries and composer.

“After the success of Omega 1 comic books at the Dallas Sci-Fi Expo, Comikaze Expo, and Long Beach Comic Con, Mark and I wanted to bring the storyline and characters to life through motion comics. We later teamed up with Erik Lundmark of Leomark Studios to help us find the best wide distribution for the webseries which he found through RogueFlix,” stated stuntwoman and actress Alina Andrei who co-created Omega 1 and also performs the lead character’s voice.

“We are very excited about teaming up with Mark, Alina, and Erik and his team at Leomark Studios to bring our RogueFlix audience a truly amazing motion comic webseries,” stated Bryan Duran, co-founder, CEO and General Counsel of RogueFlix. “I have been working closely with Erik almost immediately after we met poolside at the Loews Hotel during the American Film Market and quickly realized we wanted to work together and collaborate on new projects geared to the RogueFlix audience.”

“This is an exciting time for our growing Action Lifestyle Network and launching Omega 1 during an XBOX Halo 4 tournament at the Microsoft Store in Century City could not get any better. We are also currently expanding our acquisition of TV shows, webseries, and feature length movies to be released exclusively on RogueFlix,” stated Larry Rodriguez, co-founder and COO of RogueFlix. “The majority of the people visiting the site are young males between the ages of 13 and 34 and that is the primary focus of our action genre content.”

Prior to RogueFlix, Bryan had worked as an entertainment attorney for Starz Media / Anchor Bay Entertainment and as a senior financial analyst at Warner Bros. and NBC Universal. He also worked in creative development at Fox Studios.

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