The Excipact

The objective of this 60-minute webinar is to present an overview of the recently launched certification scheme by the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC).


Regulatory requirements
Accreditation model
Independent certification
Results obtained

Target Audience
This webinar will be of most interest to those that have a general interest in the GMP and GDP quality aspects of Pharmaceutical non-active ingredients (excipients). More specifically, personnel that are working in or are associated with manufacturing facilities engaged in excipients production and control and interested to learn more about and / or create a quality structure following the guidance for Good Manufacturing Practices as set out by IPEC. Typically, quality, regulatory, manufacturing personnel and general management will take benefit from this webinar presentation.

Dr. Eize de Boer, International Business Development Manager for Systems & Services Certification in the Pharmaceutical sector.

Register for session 1 here (

08:00 a.m. London
09:00 a.m. Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam
03:00 a.m. New York
04:00 p.m. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur

Register for session 2 here (

01:00 p.m. London
02:00 p.m. Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam
08:00 a.m. New York
09:00 p.m. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur
Language: English
Cost: No Charge

Outi Armstrong
Systems & Services Certification
Vice President, Global Marketing & Business Development

1, place des Alpes
1211 Geneva Switzerland
t: +41 22 739 9161
Event location: Online


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