Scotland’s Ceilidh Band Launches Online

Over the last 2 decades the band has been known by such names as the Lochside Ceilidh Band, Midnight Ceilidh Band and latterly rather modestly,

The band organisers, Tony and Donald, have both being playing music since they were in single figures and have played together for the last decade and a half. Both Tony and Donald have shared the benefits of their experience with the other band members – young and old – resulting in a consistency of performance whenever Scotland’s Ceilidh Band is booked.

Our typical 3-piece ceilidh band comprises of an accordion, drum and fiddle player, whilst a typical 2-piece band may consist of an accordionist and either a drummer or fiddle player. It is usual for one of our group, usually the most accomplished and extrovert, to take on the role of ‘caller’ and to guide you and your guests through the various marches, reels, jigs and waltzes. The band has come a long way since it started in the mid-1980′s. All our callers now are professionally trained to the highest standard and can accommodate the needs of beginners and experienced dancers alike. The use of radio-microphones assists our ability to walk you through the steps as needed – whilst we do the talking.

We’ve added sections to our site about the history of the Scottish Ceilidh as well as some of the myths, legends and folk lore attached to Scottish Marriage Traditions. We hope it’s an interesting site for those with a passion for Scotland and celtic culture.


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